Guilty As Charged will be featured with the song “I’ll never…” on the imperative music compilation album together with bands as Epica & Obituary. This Compilation CD will be distributed worldwide!

Astounding Compilation CD vol. 8 with amazing bands!

Manufactured in: USA
Mastered by: Tower Studio, France
Artwork by: Mironized, Greece
Release Date: October, 2014


EPICA (The Netherlands), ELEPHANT (Brazil), OBITUARY (USA), KILLRAZER (Australia), FALLEN FROM SKIES (Uruguay), AGNI KAI (Macedonia), GUILTY AS CHARGED (Belgium), FRAGMENTA (Australia), NUMBNESS (Brazil), WINTERHEARTH (Canada), SPIT (Brazil), MELTDOWN (Switzerland), SECONDS TO END (New Mexico), MARENNA (Brazil), KINGDOM STONE (Brazil), HARRY LOISIOS (The Netherlands), SHEPHERD (Taiwan).